Test / Surface Book: The Microsoft Laptop Combines The Almost Perfect

If Microsoft has always been, historically, a software publisher, the company also became a decade a manufacturer of products such as the Xbox or the Surface. His first tablet Windows date of 2013 and, since then, she has ceased to refine and improve his concept. The Surface Book, on paper, seems to be the culmination of all these efforts, and Microsoft presented him as “the ultimate laptop”, who does no concessions. A lack of compromise that pays, because this hybrid is sold between 1649 and €2919 (retail price on the Microsoft site), based on embedded configuration.

The design of Surface Book is undeniably what you notice the most, since Microsoft has made several bold choices, which are certainly not all wise, but who deserves to make a real identity to the product. Let’s start with a few facts: contrary to what one might believe, the machine is not particularly light. In its version without a dedicated graphics card, it weighs 1.5 kg (100 g more with an Nvidia GPU). So we are very close to a type laptop MacBook Pro and you will hesitate so to call it ultraportable.

Good premium machine, Surface Book opts for a unibody entirely in magnesium chassis. Light gray dominates, for a sober result and classy, which once again remind the MacBook. In the middle of the back cover, always way Apple, only the Microsoft logo appears. windows 7 home premium product key, On these points, the Surface Book remains a classic premium laptop. Let us focus now on what makes it special, namely this famous hinge “snail”. No denying the excellent work of design and integration: the screen changes in a very flexible way, and you will not hesitate to grab the device by the upper part, without fear of breaking the system.

Still this famous party ‘open’ when the machine is closed, making debate. A two-centimeter space is thus constantly visible, which helps to make a “magazine” interesting aspect to the product, but which will leave fans of finesse on the tile. However, nothing is slipped into the gap during our week of use, so that the machine has spent a lot of time in a bag. Once again, this aesthetic choice is certainly controversial, but has the merit to make a certain character to the Surface Book. The kind of detail that immediately identifies the device.

But that’s not all: Microsoft wanted to go a little further and has therefore decided to propose a detachable screen, which then becomes a comfortable 13.5 inch tablet. Here again, the brand made an original choice and offers a secure system to separate the whole through a button on the keyboard. It must therefore press the button, wait a few seconds and as soon as the led is green, remove the screen. It can also be handed down on the keyboard part, to enjoy a more advisory mode.

From our point of view, two problems arise: in tablet mode, the screen has no more than 2 hours of battery life – we will return later in this test-, which limit widely this type of use, and we would have preferred so that Microsoft opts for a format “to the Lenovo Yoga” by allowing to switch the slab to 360 degrees. Thus, we could keep the full autonomy of the device while enjoying a good compromise between use of type laptop and use “tablet”. In the State, it is difficult to advise the Surface Book if you are looking for a hybrid laptop and we are therefore facing a real laptop with a touchscreen.

Microsoft Surface Book CR9-00001 Intel Core i5 6300U (2.40 GHz) 8 GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 520 13.5

Microsoft Surface Book CR9-00001 Intel Core i5 6300U (2.40 GHz) 8 GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 520 13.5″ Touchscreen 3000 x 2000 2-in-1 Laptop Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

A real laptop, which offers moreover an excellent operating convenience, both the keyboard and the touchpad are successful. The keys are perfectly spaced, typing is nice and precise, even more thanks to the wide scope for the wrists. Surface Book comes with a stylus that is identical to that of the Surface Pro 4. It is so precise and allows you to quickly take notes. For more graphics and professional work, it’s a little more complicated, although it may well serve as an extra tool.

On the other hand, the weight distribution is not ideal: the screen weighs 723 g and 860 g keyboard. A low gap which leads a tendency to failover when the laptop is on the knees. We never did fall during our test, but stability is not totally up to the appointment. buy windows 10 product key online, Another small negative face, relatively poor connectivity, especially for a machine at this price. You can find two 3 USB ports, a mini-DisplayPort, a SD card reader and a jack on the screen. It’s little, and you would have really liked a HDMI output or a USB Type-C port.

Finally, finish this tour of the owner of the Surface Book referring to the management of temperature and noise. We measured hot spots quite reasonable of 41 ° C on the front and 39 ° C in the back. The problem of the speed at which the machine heats up, often for not much.

Fortunately, this rise in temperature is always concentrated at the level of the screen, so that you can continue to use it on your knees without being embarrassed. Noise are fairly contained, since we have not exceeded the 40 dB (A) at full load. Again, it is too fast activation of fans that bothers us a little more, sometimes for simple tasks of office or surfing on the Web (under Chrome, mainly).

The Nvidia’s Surface Book graphics card is a GeForce 940 M, which does not say his name. It is based on the same architecture Maxwell GM108 is also clocked to 954 MHz The amount of video memory is 1 GB GDDR5. It is a fairly light dedicated graphics chip after a passage under 3D Mark, showing a slightly higher than the Intel HD Graphics 520 iGPU performance index located in the screen. The gap, however, is not huge: for the first 26 and 22 for the second.

We were eager to test the autonomy of the Surface Pro, but also a little worried because it’s an Achilles heel of the Surface Pro 4. The surprise was that better, since our test of reading under Netflix (brightness to 200 cd/m², wired headphones, under Chrome) shot for 8 hours. An excellent result, which puts this hybrid stack between a HP spectrum x 360 (7 hours) and a MacBook Pro 13 “2015 (9.45).