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Windows 10 computer program in principle. Without it, the PC is just a set of iron. Company Microsoft has launched a new release of the operating system — Windows 10. windows 10 activator download, The program can be downloaded for free on the site key. Windows 10 installed on PC, smartphones, Tablet, Xbox and other devices. The difference is only in the user interface.

The main distinctive features. New desktop, which complemented the slightly functionality. Simplifies access to files to friends and colleagues through the “share” button.

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The emergence of virtual desktops. During operation the user creates multiple desktops cheap windows 10 product key sale and switch between them. As needed, you can close applications or move, no matter what desk they were open.

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Appeared some symbiosis of the usual for Windows XP Start menu Start button and easy «tiles» Windows 8. All also has a list of programs, but now expanded and improved functionality. However, on the main screen smartphones and tablets is starting, as in Windows 8, however, added more interactivity.

There is a new Storage feature Sense, indicates the amount of windows 10 activator keygen memory occupied by the data, and whether to move them to external storage.

Notification Center-the same as in Windows 8, but a more structured. Alerts grouped by application now.

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Another useful thing is Wi-Fi Sense. When it detects a Wi-Fi network automatically connects and fast authentication, taking into account the terms and conditions of use. Also provides the ability to connect, for example, friends to your home network, without revealing the password.

New character-virtual assistant Cortana. windows 10 activation key reddit, You can call for advice in difficult situations. Cortana will answer the question, or even all fulfil itself, if given the necessary powers.

Microsoft does not forget about business customers, adding new features in business modules BYOD.

Changed and the concept of updates. windows 10 activation key 2017, If they have an identical structure, now users receive suggestions for updates, but only depending on the specific computer.

Windows 10-new and improved operating system. Of course, there are certain raw moments, but Microsoft corrects defects through updates. Suggestions from users: what like that, no, the Insider are propagated through the program, implementing a kind of feedback.

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